Turmur in the Pokedex

Turmur is the Virus Pokemon. It's Pokedex entry states that, "The deadly mushroom shaped Pokemon from the disease dimension, TURMUR is an unstoppable force of nature. Almost none have seen it and lived".

Height: 14'09"

Weight: 776.0 lbs

Method of obtaining:

Turmur has a complicated method of obtaining known as the "Mush Mask item chain".

This chain has 9 parts, that must be done in this order. 

  • Mush Mask, found by talking to the man in the Rustboro Pokemon Center.
  • Cologne, which can be traded for Mush Mask to someone with a Scientist sprite on Route 118, on the right side of the grass south of Route 119. 
  • Spark Token, which can be obtained by trading the Cologne in the Dewford Trendy Sayings house, to the thirsty guy.
  • Thunder Cub, traded for the Spark Token in the Count's house in Fortree City.
  • Cat's Eye, obtained by visiting Fort Draco and entering the island's rightmost cave, the Endless Plains, and giving the cub to the Dragon. Come back later to learn of it's eating a sparkly pony and becoming a Shinx. Remove the "Cat's Eye" from Shinx's possession. 
  • Go to the Lilycove Sewers and find the girl who likes Shinx. Give her the Cat's Eye for the Pachi Sword.
  • Take the Pachi Sword to Mt. Chimney and give it to Chikuwa vendor for a Hajike Bird.
  • Bring the Hajike Bird to a Hiker on Route 134 for a Rydrake Wing.
  • Finally, bring the Ryrdake Wing to Meatfather in Rainy Cave on Route 120 to summon from another dimension a level 60 Turmur.


Level Move Type  Power Acc. PP
1 Surf Water 95 100 15
10 Scary Face Normal -- 90 10
15 Leech Life Normal 20


20  Ice Breath Ice 25 85 15
25 Perish Song Normal 5 -- 5
30 Mean Look Normal -- 100 5
37 Uproar Normal 50 100 10
44 Nightmare Ghost -- 100 15
50 Hypnosis Psychic -- 60 20
55 Recover Normal -- -- 20
60 Focus Energy Normal -- -- 30
70 Shadow Swipe Ghost 90 90 10
80 Dream Eater Psychic 100 100 15
90 Transform Normal -- --


98 Explosion Normal 255 100 5
100 Splash Normal -- -- 40

Base stats

Hp: 110

Atk: 185

Def: 100

SpA: 130

SpD: 140

Spe: 20

Total: 685


  • Turmur can be bred with Ditto to produce Faceleech eggs.  This is the only legitimate way to obtain Faceleech in the game.
  • Turmur is one of two pure Disease-type pokemon in the game, the other being A Monster.
  • It is also one of six disease-type Pokemon, including Graveill/Azombarill, and Moulder/Yuk.
  • Its name might be derived from "tumor", a symptom of cancer.