Téa Barqán is a Dragon/Rock type Legendary fakemon which can be found in the Tower accessible from Fort Draco.  Although the Tower can be explored as soon as the player reaches the fort, Téa Barqán will not appear until after Senex  and Luca Zamon have either been captured or defeated. 


Téa Barqán has fairly balanced stats, all of which are decent, for a legendary. Its ability is Marvel Scale.

Pokedex Entry

"Téa Barqán brings peace in its wake.  Legend has it that, on seeing one, Genghis Khan called off one of his notoriously bloody military campaigns."


Move Level
Sand-Attack 01
Memento 05
Helping Hand 10
Safeguard 15
Dragonbreath 20
Protect 25
Refresh 30
Recover 35
Rock Blast 40
Skull Bash 45
Rock Slide 50