103 snakewood

Map of Route 103 in Snakewood.

Route 103 in one of the first maps with a major route change. The large mound in the water blocks the normal surf path between Oldale and Route 110. Just get the egg from Birch and get back to Oldale. After getting the Hard Disk Solo, you can interact with the rock on the eastern half of the Route to get the Gym Tickets. Otherwise, this Route is completely optional.



Pokemon Level Chance
Zigzagoon 2-4 60%
Poochyena 2-4 30%
Wingull 2-4 10%
Mysteryegg 5 Egg (1)





Quilfish 5-35 60%
Wingull 10-30 35%
Pelipper 25-30 5%


Pokemon Level Chance Rod
Goldeen 5-10 70% Old
Quilfish 5-10 30% Old
Goldeen 10-30 60% Cursed
Quilfish 10-30 20% Cursed
Wailmer 10-30 20% Cursed
Carvanha 30-35 40% Kingdra
Wailmer 25-45 60% Kingdra


PokePhone Given to you by Prof. Birch.
Gym Tickets In the stone close to the forested area, use the Hard Disk Solo.
Reduct Reduce Close to the Berry patch, requires Cut.
Cheri Berry (x4) In the forested area, requires Cut.
Leppa Berry (x2) In the forested area, requires Cut.


There are 2 battles here.

Trainer: Former Chef Akagi

Pokemon: Munchlax, Lv. 26, Male. Moves: Lick, Screech, Stockpile, Swallow. Kirlia, Lv. 26, Male. Moves: Phychic, Calm Mind, Double Team, Growl (?)

Prize Money: $624

Trainer: Tiwns


Prize Money: $