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Map of Route 101 in Snakewood. ↑Oldale Town ↓ Littleroot Town

After obtaining your starter, head into Route 101. Save Professor Birch and you will be warped to Oldale Town. You can only enter this area from Littleroot, as the path between Route 101 and Oldale has been barricaded, due to the zombie outbreak. You can enter the Trickmaster's new house from here. A heartbroken girl can also be found here.

Trickmaster's House

The Trickmaster's house is blocked by an invisible wall until later in the game. Once inside, you'll find some puzzles being constructed, a defunct mechadoll, and a Chocolate Orange. If you give the Chocolate Orange to the Trickmaster, you will be given the Pokemon Chocwork Orange as a gift.


Pokemon Level Chance
Wurmple 2-3 45%
Zigzagoon 2-3 45%
Poochyena 2-3 10%
Chocwork 1 Gift (1)


Broken Heart Given by the heartbroken girl near the Oldale sign.
Chocolate Orange Inside the Trickmaster's new house.


There is one battle here.

Trainer: Zombie Kid Liam

Pokemon: Boilbasaur, Lv. 3, Male. Moves: Tackle

Prize Money: $48