Roclobster is a fakemon obtainable in Pokemon Snakewood. It is a Dragon/Rock type and is only obtainable once by using Dive near the dock in Dewford Town. It appears on the overworld as a Rock Smash rock, but when you attempt to break it it attacks, at level 50. It holds the Hard Disk Solo.

Its Pokédex entry states:

B-52's POKéMON

HT/WT 7'03"/176.4 lbs.

We were at the beach Everybody had matching towels Somebody went under a dock

And then they saw a rock But it wasn't a rock It was a ROCK LOBSTER!!


Value Stat
HP 135
Attack 145
Defense 122
Special Attack 100
Special Defense 93
Speed 50


Level Move
1 Vicegrip

Metal Claw

7 Leer
14 Crush Claw 
23 Crabhammer
29 Amnesia
33 Block
38 Dragon Claw
44 Guillotine
48 Rock Slide
52 Muddy Water
60 Outrage
66 Rain Dance
70 Superpower
75 Leaf Blade


Roclobster's name and means of encounter are a reference to the B52s song "Rock Lobster".