This page lists the better options in Snakewood which will make playing through the game easier, listed roughly in the order in which they are first obtainable.

  • Koffing (starter): Probably the best starter. Good physical bulk, type, and ability. Able to inflict poison early on and learns Self-Destruct and Explosion by level-up for when something won't die. Not amazing later in the game, however.
  • Zigzagoon/Linoone (most land routes): The best HM slaves. Linoone's evolution, Dragoone, learns every HM. Also has Pickup, which will sometimes grant Ultra Balls, Nuggets, Full Restores, Revives, Rare Candies, etc.
  • Mysteryegg (Egg given on Route 103): Difficult to train at first, but has very powerful and versatile evolutions. Learns Soft-Boiled, Eruption, and Water Spout by level-up. The Mysteryegg line is one of the best in Snakewood and is tremendous later in the game.
  • Shroomish (Petalburg Woods): Leech Seed is incredible and alone makes playing through the game much easier. Able to inflict paralysis, poison, and 100% accurate sleep. Breloom has a very high Attack stat and STAB priority.
  • Qwilfish (most water routes): Surf is obtained early, which is great STAB. Fairly good base stats and typing. Its evolution, Qwilshark, has good offenses and Speed with fair bulk. You can catch some that are above level 30 in Dewford, allowing you to have a ~Level 35 Qwilshark when your opponents are ~Level 20, making it very overpowered at that point in the game, but it becomes gradually less viable as the game progresses.
  • Calfby (Route 117): Get one with Hustle and make sure its Attack and Defense stats are equal when it becomes level 31 so it evolves into a Ramshaker with Huge Power. Ramshaker is stronger than all other non-Mega Huge Power Pokémon and thus has, effectively, a ridiculously high Attack stat.
  • Kenchira (Mt. Pyre - Outside): Its evolution, Kenchukuo, would immediately be banned to Smogon's Uber tier if it were a real Pokémon. Base 160 Attack, Base 165 Speed, Speed Boost, Swords Dance, Belly Drum, and decent bulk.
  • X32763 (Hoenn University of Film): A legendary with good offenses, ability, and physical bulk with lots of resistances. Decent speed, and an incredible offensive movepool.