Devastating Pokemon

Basic Information

Qwilshark is a new Pokemon that exists in Snakewood. It evolves from Qwilfish   starting at level 33. Like its pre-evolution, it is a Water/Poison type and can either have the ability Poison Point or Swift Swim.

Pokedex Entry #67

The eternal rival of Gyarados , Qwilshark is much rarer than its more famous cousin. Its temper is a thousand times worse.                                                                                           Height- 21'04"                                                                                                                                                                       Weight- 557.8 lbs

Basic Info
Type Water / Poison
Evolution Level 33
Abilities Poison Point / Swift Swim
HP 80
Attack 115
Defense 80
Special Attack 85
Special Defense 80
Speed 100


Level 1 Tackle
Level 1 Poison Sting
Level 1 Spikes
Level 6 Poison Gas
Level 12 Harden
Level 12 Minimize
Level 16 Headbutt
Level 22 Water Gun
Level 31 Pin Missile
Level 40 Take Down
Level 49 Storm Surge
Level 56 Poison Slash
Level 60 Poison Fang
Level 66 Whirlpool