A Dragon living in Fort Draco's Endless Plains. He will raise certain pokemon for you if you provide him the correct items, these five items being Scratch Kitten,Scruffy Chick, Sparkly Pony, Flash Puppy, and Thunder Cub, the former four of which can be purchased in Fortree City and the last of which is obtained during the Mush Mask trading sequence. The items become, respectivly, Meowth, Doduo, Blitzle, Growlithe, and Shinx and can only be otained in this way. The successful raising of these pokemon is not guaranteed, and they can die instead of growing into the desired pokemon. If this happens, the Pet Master will instead provide you with a consolation pokemon, Glute. This is especially common with the Sparkly Pony, and it is recommended that you save before giving the Pet Master your item in order to receive your desired Pokemon.  The Pet Master will always take the pet item lowest in your inventory first, so be sure to deposit any extras you may have into the PC before trying to move on to the next Pokemon. All pokemon obtained through the Pet Master are given to the Player Character at level 10 with set moves and random stats, sex, and nature.

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