Luca Zamón-1-

Luca Zamón's Sprite

Luca Zamón
is a Dragon/Ice Type Fakemon found in Pokemon Snakewood. It is a female-only species. 


Rampaging Pokemon


88.2 lbs

LUCA ZAMóN is the embodiment of destruction.  She sleeps in deep caves until she is called with the RAGE RELEASE SPELL.


Luca Zamón is one of Snakewood's legendary Pokemon and is used by Senex. She can only be obtained by capturing her at Mount Doom, which is only accessible by going up to the crate in the second floor of Lilycove Museum with a Pokemon that can use Explosion in the party.  The crate will blow up and the door to Mount Doom will be unlocked.  Be warned, however, that after catching or defeating Luca Zamón and walking back down the mountain, the player will be challenged by the Manly Hero, who uses a Level 100 Kamina. It is possible, however, to Fly to another location from the top of the mountain and avoid the Manly Hero fight entirely.


Luca Zamón has a wire-thin body with an arrowhead at the end, like a tail.  Her head has two large tubelike protrusions sprouting from either side of her head with a third hornlike protrustion sticking out the back, and has red eyes.  Her lower jaw is merely a thin U-shaped mouth that is entirely hollow, connected to her head by lightning-like limbs.  Her hands are connected to her body in the same way.