Kingmadio is a Ghost/Dark type Pokémon with the ability Wonder Guard. It is a blue sphere with only eyes for facial features. It is genderless and defeating one will not yield any EVs. It has a catch rate of 1.

Pokédex Entry

Color: Blue
Height: 1.2m or 3'11"
Weight: 8.0 kg or 17.6 lbs.

Kingmadio cannot die. When its body becomes old, a new Kingmadio forms around the old one's brain at its core, and so it grows a new body and lives forever.


  • Route 130

Held Items

  • Lum Berry
  • Moon Stone

Base stats

Stat Value
HP 1
Attack 1
Defense 1
Special Attack 1
Special Defence 1
Speed 255
Total 260


By Leveling Up

Level Move Type Power Acc. PP
01 Teleport Psychic -- -- 20
100 Night Shade Ghost Varies 100 15

HMs and TMs

  • Kingmadio cannot learn any TM or HM.


Kingmadio has Wonder Guard and is a Ghost/Dark type, therefore no attack can hit it, other than the Dark move Beat Up (TM) or the Psychic move Future Sight. It is recommended to use a status effect, like Toxic, or wait for either Kingmadio or your own Pokemon to Struggle to death. The only offensive move it learns is Night Shade, which has 15 PP. The champion also has a level 73 Kingmadio, although the only moves it knows are Splash and Toxic, so waiting for it to run of PP is not a good idea as you will have to wait a total of 50 turns.