Faceleech is a new Pokemon that exists in Snakewood. It does not evolve, but Turmur can be bred to produce a

Faceleech in Pokedex

Faceleech. It is a Disease/Poison type with the ability Speed Boost.

Gleis owns a Faceleech, and it is the main member of his team. Its color and tendrils give it a resemblance to Deoxys.

Base stats

Stat Value
HP 1
Attack 175
Defense 1
Special Attack 1
Special Defence 1
Speed 255
Total 434

Level Up Moves

Level Move
01 Poison Fang
11 Confuse Ray
21 Bite
30 Take Down
45 Double-Edge

HMs and TMs

Faceleech does not learn any TMs.

Faceleech learns every HM.


Color: Red
Height: 0.2m or 0'8"
Weight: 1.7kg or 3.7 lbs

It's a leechy sort of thing that sucks your face off. Really, really fast. Oh, and by the way, congratulations for discovering how to get it.


Faceleech is an ideal HM slave as it can learn every HM. Faceleech is very fragile, but also very fast and powerful, so any priority attack will kill it instantly, but it has enough power to sweep through entire teams.